About This Blog

                                  For a long time i have looked at my sister like she was a maniac... always saying "i have a coupon for that". We go to her house to see stacks of products she has bought and in my head I'm thinking why would she buy all that stuff just b/c it was on sale. It wasn't until sometime a couple weeks ago that she let my mom in on some coupons she bought off of off of Ebay for i believe $1 off of some BBQ sauce. she had like 60 coupons!!! well i learned that  the sale that week was for that BBQ sauce to be $1-$2 so i forget how it worked out but long story short she got like a bunch of BBQ sauce for free or for like $1 it was amazing. 
I am in no way in a rank with her when it comes to savings but i would like to be able to find deals like that on things that would be useful to me or my family.
 I did not know there was a whole business for coupon clippers and hunters. I started this blog to post sites that i come across that have amazing deals listed. I try and post mostly personal blog or personal sites instead of major ones b/c they usually post the best deals they weed out and also less advertisement confusion. I do however have links to sites that are major b/c they have great deals and it is where these people get thier deals from. Maybe the deals don't pertain to something i am interested in but i am sure they would be there to help others so i will try my best to not discriminate and post sites that have deals on a wide variety of things. I myself am a mother of a 4yr. old and also i am expecting in the end of November. I live in a big household with family so savings are an important thing to get into. I am only 22 and have zero experience at this time with coupons and how they work at all so that is why this site is dedicated to bringing attention to sites that do but more in a convenient manner. 
I have no hobbies and i have learned blogging is one so i will be on here as much as i can to post things and hopefully put them in here in an organized manner. i am located in St. Louis so i will post local ads generalized in that area. If anyone comes across this site that knows of sites or owns a site dedicated to deals please please please email me so i can check it out and post it on here. even sites that have educational material on becoming a deal hunter. I personally go through the sites and also will most likely ask my sister to review them too BC i want this to be a place to find legit sites not spam! Hopefully you will join me on this journey to making an awesome resource site. :) 

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