Friday, August 5, 2011

Searching For Deals ahead of time

                     There are many ways and resources to help you find a great deal to shop for ahead of time. Assuming you already have your coupons organized in a way that you can easily do a look-up of what you have in your coupon stash as said in a previous post checking what coupons that are going to be in that Sunday's paper will help you predict what coupons you would be working with in a full. Be reminded that not all papers have the exact same coupons they vary by state slightly and even varies town to town i have seen but this way you can get a good idea of what is out there and you could always order the coupons you did not receive.
              The next step would be to check to see what sales are going to be going on the next week and in your stores. You can do this by visiting sites out there that offer previews, over half of the sites i have listed offer previews or links to where you can find them. I will post certain ones in the Hot Links section located at the bottom of the page. Great stores to look for would be your Drugstores (Walgreens, CVS, etc) and your grocery stores (Aldi, Shop n save, Kroger, etc). Also Dollar stores are a great place to look. Well when you are searching these blogs/forums you look for what is on sale and if you have a coupon for the item which is on sale. You can then see what would be a great deal to add to your shopping list.

            That is just the jist of it. A tip that usually helps me as a beginner to spot what is a great deal is to check out the comments below the sale and insert previews to see what people are raving about. You can also find out if there are other coupons out there that you may have missed or did not have. By telling what will be a hot deal you could make the choice to get more coupons or pre-order an item you are planning to stockpile. Chances are if you know about this hot deal many others will too so plan what store you will go to and get there early with a list of the things you get. It will take time to master of course but you can save a lot of time and money by being in the loop about what deals are coming up and what you can save on. Don't be afraid to hold out if you believe a better deal will come along  no need to feel pressured or panicked that you missed the boat, getting to know the prices of the things you often buy will help in your decision to see what is a great buy or not.

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