Monday, March 19, 2012

EBT/Snap retail locator

        Hello all, I have not been updating this blog at all on blogy stuff, i have my own personal computer now so hopefully we can change that. While doing some forum scouring i came across a post which i personally found helpful considering i use EBT as my primary means of grocery shopping. payment. In the post one of the members was very helpful in sharing a link to a site (HERE) you can go to and input a zip code or other info like city/state and even street and find nearby locations that accept ebt/snap benefits. I find this helpful b/c nothing is more discouraging then assuming a place accepts those benefits and spending time shopping only to be turned down at the register. I really wish they had an app :)

             I gave it a shot and it is pretty simple and user friendly with a map view of the locations with details about where they are located. Places i did not even know existed which gives me extra reasons to explorer. I checked places near my job, my home, my relatives house i visit frequently and also places in route. Many people probably already know about this site but like i always say. If i didn't know then I'm not the only one. (hopefully). Go ahead and check out the site and maybe if not for you but a helpful site to pass on to a friend, maybe one who just moved or got a new job.

Thanks, WeUseCoupons

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