Monday, September 9, 2013

Freebie Monday

              The last couple weeks were pretty unimpressive when it comes to freebies. I got some really good magazines though so it leveled the scale.
I also had a coworker who offered me some samples of baby products and coupons. (Just a few items shown) I really liked the Fisher Price and Pampers coupons. Make sure to put the word out that you use coupons or are interested in stellar deals so when one arises you will be in their mind as someone who would appreciate some savings info/coupons.
I will admit I have not been entering to get freebies as much as I was before. I still do it daily but more like 2-3 rather than 7-10. I will find a happy middle.

Check out the Freebies page to visit sites to earn freebies as well. 

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