Sunday, September 8, 2013

Giveaway Series: Odds

              This week we will talk about Odds. How to improve them, which have the best chances of a win, and how much time are you willing to put in to achieve your chances. 

I have had success in all platforms of giveaways. I have won big and small. I have done little to a lot of work and seen success with both. I have had the best luck in winning personally with YouTube and IWG. Reason being is for YouTube there are so many giveaways and so little people are hip to them being out there. I usually win with giveaways where there were 2,000 or less entrants on any platform. With IWG I win smaller prizes frequently if I enter in daily. 

Last weeks post was long but this one will be short and informative. 

Why knowing The Odds Are Important

•If you plan to take a serious approach to actually winning a giveaway then knowing the odds can help you plan accordingly

•Have a realistic mindset on if winning this is mostly probable or just shy of a miracle.

•The obvious one is to spend more time entering into higher chance giveaways.

5 Ways to increase chances

•Enter into giveaways that have a short entry period. Flash giveaways are the best. This being BC not many people will have found out about it if it lasts 3 days versus 3 weeks.

•Enter Daily if the rules allow it. Your name will come up more times which equals better chances.

• Search the web for giveaways just starting out(we will learn how to find giveaways later) . If you can start entering on day 1 and continue to get your daily entries in then you will have more entries than someone entering for the first time a week after giveaway started.

•Share,Share,Share. At the end of entering into a giveaway a lot of the time you can earn extra entries for sharing the giveaway on a social media platform or via email. Have a list of emails of people who would love to hear about giveaways so you can share with them and in return they are more likely to share with you. Win/Win.

•Enter into a bunch of giveaways. You can't win if you don't enter. I used to enter into 100 giveaways daily (easier than you think) and I would average one win a week. This was through YouTube. When I used to do big brand giveaways I would average a win every two weeks and most of the time through IWG.

5 Higher Odds Giveaways

•YouTube (with less than 2000 entries)
•Blogs with low subscribers
•IWG with thousands of prizes to giveaway
•Contest ( not as many people will put in the time to actually make an item or video)
•Mail-In (While it is still a common way to enter into giveaways, due to technology and convenience the number of Snail Mail entries have lowered over the years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Keep coming back the next few weeks and you will see how all these points will help you enter into giveaways more effectively and realistically. There are people who have nothing else to do but enter into giveaways and then those who work and have kids that just don't have that luxury. Please don't fret, You could enter in once and still win. Just make sure to make that effort to enter. 

                                                             *Please Read*
 Do Not disobey giveaway rules. If they state to only enter in once a week then stick to that. Do not make multiple accounts to try to increase your odds. In the rules a lot of the time they say it is and will be treated as an act of Fraud. Stay honest and do not falsify information in hopes to have a better chance of winning or acceptance. 

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