Friday, February 28, 2014

3 Daily Giveaways Feb. 28

Daily 3 Giveaway style. Listed below are 3 giveaways you can enter by following the link. Happy winning!

Beltology Giveaway

Vanity Drift is hosting a giveaway with Beltology for one of their belts. If they get 500 entries then they may give out 2 belts which means more chances for you. Make sure to ENTER HERE and share with your friends.
***Blog Giveaway***

Kushy Foot Giveaway

Sweeps4Bloggers is having a giveaway for a Kushy Foot prize pack. ENTER HERE
and have a chance to experience Kushy feet :)

***Blog Giveaway***


Bloggieaway is hosting a giveaway for a $30 Gift card to Family stickers. I know a lot of you have seen these cool stickers while sitting at a light or on the highway on a car. Now you can have a chance to join in on the creative fun. ENTER HERE. they sell Apparel, Stationary and House ware items.

***Blog Giveaway***


That's all for today folks! Want more?  Follow on Twitter & Facebook were I update and share more that i see throughout the day as well as flash giveaways that may be too time sensitive to post on here. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another round

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