Saturday, February 15, 2014

Daily 3 Freebie Roundup 2/15

I sure do hope everyone had an awesome V-Day yesterday. Make sure not to empty your Hearts of Chocolate boxes in one day. Decided we are going to try something new and post daily Freebie, Giveaway and coupon roundups. I know a lot of people are not hardcore fanatics like myself so if you choose to enter into or sign up for some of these daily then that is an awesome realistic start.

Free Car shaped Zest Bar on 2/17-

Celebrating NASCAR Season Start Zest is giving away bars of soap shaped like a car  in limited quantities daily next week. You have to "Like" their Facebook page and be there at 3pm EST to try and snag one. They will go fast so make sure to set yourself a reminder. I will post a reminder on our Twitter and Facebook Feed. 

***This is a Be There On The Dot Freebie (BTOTD)***


Free Breathe Right Strips Sample

This is a freebie that's great to bring up during the change of seasons. I tend to get really congested around these times and i am down to try any kind of remedy. With a sample of these strips you can try them out and see if they are what you need. You can fill the form out HERE to get this freebie. You should receive this freebie within 1-2 weeks and they will also send you some coupons to help if you want to buy a whole box in the future. 

***This is a Sample Freebie (SF)***


Free TeaMonger Tea

Grab that book you have been meaning to finish and some tea and relax. With a sample of TeaMonger Tea you can do just that. I will admit i am not that big a tea drinker. While i do love my Coffee, there are times i just want a lighter taste. I still am on the search for some good quality tea and getting samples like these help me along the way without having to dig in my pocket. fill out the form HERE to receive 3 samples of TeaMongers Tea. You can either pick what kind you want or let them surprise you. 



That's all for today folks! Want more?  Follow on Twitter & Facebook were I update and share more that i see throughout the day as well as flash giveaways that may be too time sensitive to post on here. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another round. 

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