Friday, February 21, 2014

3 Daily Giveaways 2/21

Daily 3 Giveaway style. Listed below are 3 giveaways you can enter by following the link. Happy winning!

Retail Me Not $20 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes

Will you be one of the 5,000 to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card from Retail Me Not's "Love me, Love me Not" Sweepstakes? Well if you don't ENTER HERE then of course you won't. This goes until March 8th which is right around the corner.

***Daily Instant Win Giveaway***


Very Hungry Caterpillar Giveaway

Head over to First Grade Blue Skies and ENTER to win two totes and board books to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of The Very Hungary Caterpillar. She is giving one for you to keep and one to share. How awesome is this giveaway bringing back great childhood memories. 

***Blog giveaway***


This is awesome! Craftaholics Anonymous is having a giveaway! Be prepared to make a choice of which store you would like to get a gift card to. The choice was super hard for me but i picked JOANN. You could be one of the 3 to win, but you have to ENTER HERE to do so.

***Blog Giveaway***

That's all for today folks! Want more?  Follow on Twitter & Facebook were I update and share more that i see throughout the day as well as flash giveaways that may be too time sensitive to post on here. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another round.

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