Monday, March 3, 2014

Giveaway Series: Keeping It Organized With Diigolet

Its another giveaway series post! Today we are going to talk about keeping up with all those giveaway entries you make. Remembering a giveaway to check back on a giveaway you entered or even one that you can enter in daily or weekly can be overwhelming for some who do not have a organizational method to
keep tabs on what's going on. This is true for both hardcore entrants and those who just enter a couple a day/week. On different platforms there are great tools to help you stay on top of things. Today we are going to keep it simple and talk about one tool in particular called Diigolet.

I found out about Diigo a year or so ago on a blog post that listed it as a must have application for your web usage. It is a application you can have in your browser that allows you to keep all your bookmarks in one place for specific pages. The best feature of the web application is that it allows you to make notes and annotations on the actual page. You can make groups of bookmarks as well as add tags for easy locating.

Here is an example of how I used this app to manage the 100+ giveaways/sweepstakes I would enter in daily. It would all start by entering in giveaways. I would save the giveaway as a bookmark and put in the description when the giveaway ended. Then I would save the bookmark in a specific custom made category (daily entry, one time entry, instant win etc.). I would end by making an annotation on the webpage the date I entered as well as the time if applicable. I would then move on to my next giveaway and do the same thing. It may sound like a lot of extra steps but its super quick and easy.

I would then come back the next day and log into my Diigo account and visit each giveaway link and get my daily entry. I would then only change the annotation to that days date. Using this application and method I am able to not only keep track of all the giveaways I have entered, I also am keeping track of when it ends, what type of giveaway it is (which is important so I won't disqualify myself from a giveaway by let's say entering into a once weekly giveaway twice by mistake). I know when to check giveaways to see if I won or not. I also can keep my browser giveaway clear of clutter and confusion. This method helps to keep track if I decide not to do any entries for a couple days.

I say try it out for yourself if you seem to be overwhelmed with keeping track of your giveaways. This web application is obviously handy for other situations as well. I am sure there are other applications out there that do something similar to this. Pick one and win some!

Next time on the Giveaway Series I will share how I keep track of my YouTube giveaway entries. Get daily giveaway & Freebie updates by following with Twitter & Facebook.

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