Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pre-clipped Coupons


                                    There are a lot of people out there who are interested in getting the great deals but don't have much time to spend not only finding the best deals and sales and coupons but clipping or gathering them also. A great thing to do once you find out what deals you want to partake in is to find someone who has an abundance of coupons you are looking for. Pre-clipped coupons are a great way to stock pile once you find a great deal and it is also cheaper than going out buying a bunch of papers. A lot of coupons you can buy in bulk of 20 for under $2 and that is a great deal considering the savings you are making with the coupons and the time you didn't have to take clipping them and the money you saved from buying a lot of papers.
          Lets use the recent $1 off of two packs of pens coupon which were free since they were on sale for $.50. If i were to see that there was going to be a way for me to get FREE pens i would have ordered 20 coupons (or more) for under $2 and got 40 packs of FREE pens! Now that is an awesome deal. You can do this with food, health/beauty, etc. coupons. 

The key is to look ahead of time online at sales ads and see what will be on sale for a great price and do some searching on clipping sites to see what kind of coupons are out there. Just b/c you missed last Sunday's paper doesn't mean everyone else did and you could still get a coupon you know will be a winner. Since i am new at this i am only going to start by ordering coupons on things that i can get an extreme sale on as in less than $1 or free. 

Check out what coupons to keep an eye out for

                                 If you could conjure up a lot of sales ads without spending a lot of money like through family and friends donating or recycling then you would not need to take this route unless it is a coupon you don't have. It is a great option to look into and i have links to great sites to order from. Just check out the reviews for the person (site) selling them and try to stick to high credited people.  Still make sure if you are new to do your studying before ordering a lot of coupons and sticking with your Sunday paper is a great way to first get the feel of the couponing experience.Here are some links to well known sites, i will keep this list at the bottom of the blog for reference.

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