Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My First ever Coupons Saving shopping trip!!!! $1.89

                                 I was so excited to be able to score a good deal on my first ever "shopping with Coupons" trip! Im beyond new at this and i wanted to do more studying first so i can feel comfortable when i go but after my fail with the Walgreens deal i knew if i wanted stuff i had to get there early to get it before others snag the deals before i can.  So sorry for the format of my explanation im real new at this so im learning.
                    Well i immediately knew i had a deal with the Bic coupons for $1 off of two b/c it is back to school season and everything supply wise is on sale. While i was going through coupons i remembered from a lot of tutorials and "how to's" to look for things that does not exclude trial or travel sizes, and that's how i made sure to use the Degree deodorant coupon also. I was reading on a couple blogs and they had how you can also use the cascade and tide $1 off coupons on the trial sizes that were for $.97 at Walmart.

                                          Well I went to k-mart and snagged 8 packs of pens for free b/c i had 4 coupons and i also purchased two 24ct Crayola crayons for $.25 each and a pack of two Elmer glue sticks  for $.50, that cam out to be $1.07. At Walmart i used my 4 of each Cascade $1off and Degree $.75 off coupons and purchased 4 degree  travel size deodorants for .22 each since they were $.97 each, and i got the 4 cascades free since they were $.97 each. I attempted to do the tides who were $1off also and costed $.97 but since the coupon did not scan they would not take it tried talking to the manager and he said no. Later on i talked to my ister and she told me they should have still honored it b/c of the coupon policy( that is why it is important if you don't know the policies then to print them out and take them with you). Well the Walmart trip just costed me $.82.

                                 All in all i was still happy to get what i did b/c the things i did purchase i actually did need (my son starts preschool this month!) and before a couple weeks ago i would have paid whatever the sticker said even if they had a stack of coupons laying next to the items. I know this is such a small feat for a lot of people but for me who jus finds it amazing that i went out and got free stuff and cheap stuff by waiting and catching sales and using coupons, I would have never known. Im officially addicted, its like i can't wait to go  back and try for even bigger savings.

                                  Im also happy b/c now i actually plan on what im going to the store to get and im on the look out for sales and price cuts and clearance instead of impulse shopping and throwing away ton's of money. I just thought i'd share my little but big success. Im finding out the gender of my baby tomorrow so the realization that im going to have 2 kids to feed, shelter and clothe are sinking in and i need to be a savvy mom on saving money and be more responsible with my money. So excited that i have found this "underground" world as i call it and even if i don't become one of those extreme couponing queens i would still be happy that i picked up some great habits that i could pass down to my children.

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