Monday, August 1, 2011

Using YouTube to aid in Learning to Coupon

So If you are like me just reading about how to coupon or about how to go about using certain coupons and in different stores then YouTube is a great resource.  I  have a new small addiction on YouTube which is to watch the "hauls" b/c it gives me not only a better understanding on how they used their coupons but also as inspiration and proof that you can come out with well over 60% in savings if you not only have the right coupons but know how to use them.
                             I watched some and saw how they used the exact same coupons i have to get great savings. Its really fun and helps me feel more comfortable when i go to the store. You can also find out new shopping scenarios b/c i watched a few and i was like "wow i can do that?" . They also have lots of tutorial videos and videos on how to shop at specific stores and how to use specific coupons. Beyond helpful for those visual learners like me. I made a short list of 10 YouTube coupon channels that i have subscribed to and love. There are many more channels out there so do not limit yourself to just these 10, also when you visit some of the couponing sites check to see if they have a YouTube site and make sure to subscribe!


I will make sure to post this list in the "Couponing 101" tab also

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