Saturday, September 17, 2011

For The Sweepers!

                                            Lately i have been entering into sweepstakes with the mindset that someone has to win and i cannot win if i do not enter. I know there has been a rise of sweepers out there and also a rise in sweepstakes online. I only enter online sweepstakes b/c i do not have the income to spend on stamps monthly let alone daily multiples of them. So far i have been sweeping since 9/4/2011 and i have won a water bottle, a book, a pack of sour patch kids candy, a $10 Macys gift code and $5 live nation concert bucks. 

                                    These are all small wins but i have not been sweeping long enough to have but a few of the big sweeps end. So now i am playing the waiting game to see if my name gets drawn. If you are interested in receiving referrals from the sweeps i enter just email me HERE. Also if you would like to get extra entries by referring me. Every entry counts. You can follow my sweepstakes Twitter @lovesshift4 where i retweet blog giveaways and with enough followers i will tweet all my sweepstakes that i enter. i enter into over 150 sweeps a day and anywhere from 5-25 new and unique ones daily depends on the amount of time i have. I will post updates if i win anything big. Whats better than getting an item you need? Getting that item for free even if it is small. 

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