Thursday, September 1, 2011

Got expired Coupons? Send them overseas!!!

               Do You end up discouraged at the end of the month to see all the unused and expired coupons you have left? Well Do not throw them out yet they can be put to great use across seas helping military families who can use them up to 6months after they expire. This is such a great and efficient way to recycle those coupons and at the same time help The families of people who help us. I have heard here and there over the last couple months that it could be done but i didn't know where to start. 

                         Well i found someone today who makes it easier by just sending your expired coupons to them and they sort and send them over there along with many other coupon they have collected. They even have a Facebook page that has pictures of the batches of coupons being sent over. I cannot wait to send my coupons over this weekend im so glad that hey can be of use to someone and not just be a waste. If this interests you then you could contact me and i can give you the address of where to send them.

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