Friday, October 4, 2013

Giveaway Series: Social Media

                This week we will discuss Social Media and giveaways. Knowing what your social media sharing comfort level is will also help you weed through giveaways that make it mandatory for you to follow the or subscribe to a certain platform.

Let's begin with Rafflecopter and blog giveaways. Most of the time they have Mandatory entries mostly being to leave a comment about something dealing with the giveaway and sometimes they also make it mandatory for you to add them and friends or sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. If you are not comfortable with this or are not apart of the required platform then you may want to pass on that giveaway all together.

The other option is to create profiles specifically for entering into giveaways and having a friend circle dedicated to that niche. Yes sometimes it can be a little annoying to have to log out of your personal profile just to log back in on your other one but there are apps to help with that. They allow you to be logged into several accounts and easily switch between the two. There are many ways to get around having your two worlds collide if that is a concern of yours.

Now of course I only reccomend following blogs you are actually interested in BC their feed will be on your timeline. Yes you could hide it but why not take advantage of the articles and info they post. Following a blog strictly for a giveaway and then un-following them after the giveaway is over is not the best way to go. On YouTube a
Of the time if they notice you do that then you will be banned from future giveaways.

Now speaking on big name brand giveaways usually on Facebook or website,They are usually less invasive and would just request you like their Facebook page or subscribe to their newsletters. With this you could make a free email account strictly for newsletters so you can sift through them when you get time instead of being forced to.

In My October giveaway I will be using the rafflecopter form. I will have social media entries, but as an option. There will also be the option to tweet daily for more entries. That is the plus side of using social media as entries, they are usually as simple as a click and if its not a big deal for you it can be easier.

Figuring out your comfort level to sharing can help you become prepared in advance. Weather it be creating accounts or being able to save time by noticing the options of entry available. If you only use twitter and prefer not to add them on facebook then I would compensate by using the tweet daily option. Little things like that can help boost your odds instead of not entering at all.

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