Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday's Best-Laziness and Birthdays

            "Heater at table 6 please". Yes the chills are rolling in and my need to be bundled up while watching primetime is growing. Motivation is minimal at best. I found myself in a cold slump paying Full Price for an item I knew I could get a savings on. I chose not to brave the cold walk back to the car for my Walgreen's Balance card and just pay the woman what she asked for.

Lessons learned:

Always bring your reward cards into the store with you.

Make a spot in your budget for things you might need. Let's use the example of a winter coat.

Stop being lazy!

My daughter just celebrated her second birthday at the zoo. It was a beautiful day full of fun for her. Before we left we read a book about the zoo, or shall I say zoologico. It was in Spanish and I too learned some new words.

Decided I am going to do all Diy gifts this year. Of course with the assistance of Pinterest. I will post some of the gifts i do i case you wanna join in on the fun.

Recently I came to the conclusion that coffee is my happiness medication. It keeps my negative feelings away and brings on joy. Code word for my coffee overdose will be: shaking a can of bolts BC that's how my head feels. Very shaken and unfocused. I love the feeling.

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