Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't let your Common sense expire with your coupons

            OK so today I would like to talk, rant about expired coupons. I work in retail so I come across this daily.
Coupons expire for a reason! If it was no big deal to the company, they would not post it on the coupon. We all, ( myself included) have those stacks of coupons that we unintentionally let expire. Unless you are shopping at a store that boasts how they accept them, throw them out. I also heard way back that if you send them overseas to military families then they can use them.
The Do's & Do Not's
•Do not intentionally walk into a store and throw a fit because they do not take the coupon.
•Do not get upset with the cashier who is doing their job and following company policy.
•Do not frustrate yourself by spending a lot of time shopping if you feel you will just get upset and not make the purchase.
•Do keep an eye on coupons and their end dates and it would be even better if you had a system.
•Do ask if you can bring back in a current coupon and make an adjustment at another time
•Do ask if you could use the coupon if you honestly did not realize it has expired. A lot of the time they will accommodate you. Especially if it has been just a couple days.
•Do sign up for their mailing list so you can make sure to get up to date savings. A lot of the time mailers are sent out in a general area so we think we are on the list. Play it safe and manually sign up via in-store, mobile or web.
Lesson here: It is ok to try your luck and ask if you are able to use an expired "store" coupon. Just don't get upset if the answer is no. Instead ask for your options.
Expired manufacturer's coupons are not reimbursed to the store. Please practice good coupon etiquette and ethics.
As a fellow couponer I just had to vent. I have customers who act like the company is obliged to take an expired coupon. I agree to ask but do not throw a fit.

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