Sunday, January 19, 2014

5 Tips For a Frugal Outing

We all need that time away from the stress at work and a couple hours away from the little ones. If you are on a tight budget then sometimes this is left out of the monthly expenses. We all need some time to connect with the outside and keep our sanity. I am not talking about going clubbing all night long. I am referring to activities that stimulate you emotionally, mentally and socially. Follow some of the tips below to save on your next outing with friends or family.  I will be quick and to the point.

1)Grab a newspaper or subscribe to a community blog.

They are always posting events going on locally. You can weed through the ones that have a high cover charge or that just is not your cup of tea. I have found really awesome things going on in my city that I never would have known about. Most of the more interesting ones were free.

2) Join a Group on

If you are anything like me and feel like the black sheep in your family or circle of friends then it is pretty hard to find like minded people who want to go to the places that interest you. I really wanted to frequent local museums but I did not want to go alone. Turns out there was a whole group dedicated to visiting the museums a couple times a month. Guess what? It was also free. I have also joined a workout group on there.

3) Lookout for Group deals.

Taking a trip somewhere is more frugally attainable if you split the expenses. You also have the benefit of getting group discounts at some places. This is great for birthday outings.

4) Take public Transportation

Taking public transportation is a big one. Last time I went to a sporting event I saw parking lots that said $20 to park. It had cost about $4.50 for a round trip to the stadium and back to our car parked at one the the metro stops. You can beat traffic and have a more festive experience with other event goers afterwards.

5) Have a family style meal

I went to Denny's and boy do they have an awesome cheap menu selection. Order several things you all are in the taste for and split it up. Kind of like the soup and salad at Olive Garden. Its very economic, and you get a nice range of things to try.

Of course there are more tips on how to have an outing frugally but these are just 5 that I love. How do you keep the bank intact while having a day out?

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