Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are you Frugal or Cheap?

Hello there readers and wanderers. Sorry it has been oh so long since I have updated this blog. We had took a little holiday break and now that the kiddos are returning back to school I think it just feels right to return back to this blog.

I happened to stumble across a video the other day from a TV series "Extreme cheapskates". In this specific episode we had a young mom/wife named Stephanie. Watch for yourself above.

My question is, Is there a line between being frugal and just plain cheap?
Honestly for me, I felt the lightbulb idea was not that bad. I would personally look into investing into some solar panels. It was the moment I saw her scoop the left over sauce from her kids plates back into the jar that had me a tad puzzled. Is it truly that serious? I understand the high she gets when she saves money here and there BC I get the same feeling, but at what cost? Her husband is embarrassed to have people over and it seems he is not completely comfortable in his own home. The age the children are now they could care less but once they get older I can see this agitating them as well.

Do you or someone you know live this way? I know people who live this way BC they have to and are in poverty. I also know people who live below their means (which is key in saving money) but not to this extreme. Where is the happy medium? For me it is to find more ways to produce food my self and to live more self sustaining.

I applaud her for having the mindset of saving money and being frugal here and there but I think the dial should be pushed back just a tad so that her family can have room to be comfortable enough to have an open mind to learn about how to be frugal in the household and make it a fun family adventure.

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