Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to be in more places than one on Black Friday

                   Black Friday is upon us and we all want in on those awesome deals. The problem is we cannot be at many places at once. Can we? Well if you put together a plan and gather some like minded friends who are not still over stuffed from Turkey then you could score all the deals you need.

There are many other strategies to use out there. This is just one.
Only a few steps are needed.

∆Head to a site like and take a look at the ads ahead of time.

∆Decide what items you and your friends really want. Group them by which would probraly sell out faster.

∆Research the items you want to make sure you are getting the best deal.

∆Split up in teams of two or three to go to different stores.

∆One person stands up front in the long line at the register while the other(s) head straight to what you planned to buy.

∆once you have the item in hand take it to the person saving your spot in line. Head back out to get other lingering deals.

∆Rinse and repeat at another store.

Step 1: Head to a site like and take a look at the ads ahead of time.

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