Monday, December 2, 2013

How you are throwing Freebies in the trash

             Freebies are not always in the most obvious places, and they are not only located online.
Flipping through my wallet I had tons of receipts from transactions made over the last couple weeks. I was about to throw the ones away that were for food or splurge purchases until I saw the word Free listed on it. Turns out that if I took a survey about how my order process was then I would receive a free Smoothie next time I am in purchasing something. On another I got $3 off my next order. On another free shipping on my next online order.
Save these receipts for times when you are out with friends. You both could split the price of one item, which let's you get the free item at low cost. We all have a plus 1. These are just like coupons and can help us save a few cents here and there.
Lesson today is to check all receipts you get for possible savings. You could even go as far as checking the random receipt on the ground. Hey, times get hard some days

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